Why Alpha

Client demand led evolution and progress of operations over 14 years has enabled Alpha to develop a diverse set of features sufficient to be able to tick all your requirements boxes.

Some of the key features which constitute and lead to Alpha being a quality organisation are:

› Membership: Association of Translation of Companies

› Membership: Institute of Translating and Interpreting

 14 year experience of language service provision to all industry sectors

 Comprehensive national database of fully qualified linguists

 In house CPD Training for linguists

 24 hour operations

 Experienced office staff

 Comprehensive and flexible support system to manage all language needs 

 Competitive pricing

 Regular audits and monitoring

 Stringent recruitment processes

 Service feedback and evaluation tools

› Robust complaints procedure

 Fully automated IT system with in-built safety features

 Translation memory tools and use of modern technology

 Winners of various high profile contracts/ tenders

Strategy/ Ethos

Strategically, Alpha’s business development and delivery processes are configured to achieve excellent working relationships with clients, aiming the clients to access and work with Alpha just as their internal department. Provision of 24 hour access to professional staff with excellent customer-care skills is a key aspect of our support system.

Additionally, as we recognise that each client is unique therefore we develop a client by client service delivery framework. This allows us to accommodate even the most esoteric specifications and budgetary requirements. 

At Alpha, we strive for excellence in all aspects of our service - and our quality controls are strictly maintained to ensure every client is satisfied.

Processes & Tools

Alpha's robust operational systems are supported by bespoke workflow software with a number of in-built safety features ranging from linguist prioritisation for use of qualified linguists to recording client feedback and security checks. 

Our experienced Project Managers only take on assignments that can be delivered to a high standard. We use bespoke IT monitoring systems to ensure all operations are monitored from enquiry to completion and client satisfaction. Our Project Managers maintain close communication with linguists and clients at every stage of each assignment/ project.

Alpha utilises stringent recruitment and selection processes. Only native linguists are assigned to projects. Our IT system maintains a comprehensive record of linguists' qualifications, training update and security vetting information. Our linguists are members of organisations such as The Chartered Institute of Linguistics and the Institute of Translation & Interpreting and National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI).

Our quality assurance objectives are set, achieved and reviewed by departmental and senior management at regular intervals. External auditing consultants are engaged as an integral tool of our continuous performance monitoring and auditing. Thus all above and many other processes contribute to Alpha's commitment to deliver a high quality service.